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The images in Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani are known for their

scientific accuracy as well as their artistry. Albinus and engraver Jan Wandelaar

worked together for decades to produce the images for Albinus’ works. They used

a mesh grid in front of the specimen to ensure accuracy and proportion. Wandelaar

added detailed backgrounds that give the specimens a lifelike quality, even adding

shadows under the skeleton’s feet.

One of the most famous images from Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani

includes Miss Clara the Rhino. Miss Clara was the pet of a Dutch East India Company

employee, who sent her to Europe in 1741. It had been nearly 200 years since a rhino

had been in Europe, and she quickly became a celebrity. She appears in several

paintings of the period, and Wandelaar likely added her as a novelty.