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The deoxyribose moiety of a nucleotide in the DNA molecule can act as a quantumlogic gate, in which the enantiomeric shift between the C2-endo and C3-endo conformations of each nucleotide, occurs within a logically and thermodynamically reversible situation of electron spin qubits, that are coherently held within the topologically insulating DNA crystalline nanostructure, and that are coherently conducted along the delocalized electrons of the pi-stacked nucleotide base pairs. The enantiomeric symmetry between the C2-endo and C3-endo conformations is logically and thermodynamically reversible because it functions as a symmetry-breaking Szilard engine that is effectively built out of the physicality of the information by which it functions, and therefore does not require information erasure to maintain function. Such a quantum logic gate is analogous to a Toffoli gate which operates across an energy barrier appropriate to the Landauer limit, to roll the DNA base pair and thereby break the pi-stacking coherence along a segment of the DNA molecule, thus effecting quantum-to-classical transition of information.


Presented live 29 January 2024. Proc. of SPIE Vol. 12863 128630B-1