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A time-tested model for information fusion and analysis is provided by Family Medicine. Family Medicine is a discipline that operates in the realms of botJ1 technical and social sciences to analyze massive amounts of information from mulriple sources in order to make decisions that bring about tJie integration and coordination of interdisciplinary interventions involving scientific, psychological, and social aspects of medical care. This generalist function serves to lower the organizational entropy of complex systems and thereby improve efficiency while reducing ilie risk of catastrophic failure. Simply bringing a group of specialists together in one place does not bring about the integration and coordination that can only be accomplished by a single interdisciplinary individual functioning as a generalist rather than as a specialist. The type of thought process and decision-making involved in the generalist function of Family Medicine differs from that of medical specialties because it is a quantum logic function, and understanding such generalist function can provide insight to improve complex system design and information fusion function.


Published in Journal of the ATPTO, 2012, Volume 20, Number I