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Over the past several years, cloud computing has become increasingly more popular for the use of storing, accessing, and maintaining electronic health records (EHRs). In comparison to conventional EHR management tools, such as installed software, cloud computing offers more capabilities for medical facilities and their patients. Experts claim that in addition to changing the face of health information technology, it will also advance healthcare services, and benefit medical research. As the use of cloud computing has increased, so has the amount of healthcare data breaches. This study is proposing that there is a correlation between the increase in cloud computing protected health information (PHI), and healthcare data breaches. This study researches the top five largest healthcare data breaches in 2015 what the organizations’ could have done differently. This study also proposes that current privacy and security laws do not clearly defined cloud computing regulations. Suggestions are also made for organizations to employ a multilevel security framework for cloud-based applications. This information will be valuable to all health information management (HIM) professionals that are involved in migrating and maintaining PHI stored in the cloud.