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Great strides have been made in health care over the past six years after the implementation of the policy known as meaningful use by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Health care subsidies and monetary incentive programs were created for eligible professionals and critical area hospitals to encourage the use of certified electronic health records in an effort to improve quality care of all acute and chronically ill patients, as well as provide routine examinations for healthy individuals.

Patients diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus were studied using a certified electronic health record system for compliance in physician ordered lab testing and follow-up visits with their primary care physician so as to confirm a positive effect on in the quality of patient health care. Diabetes mellitus is a disease which requires constant monitoring, thus creating an ideal patient study group. Research has confirmed that patient compliance significantly improves quality of health care outcomes; now it is time to determine that if the implementation of a certified electronic health record in the family practice setting improves patient compliance, thus improving quality of health care.