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With the rise of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, healthcare professionals and students pursing healthcare careers communicate, collaborate, and network on an array of websites and apps. With the use of social media, the users can reach a large audience in a matter of seconds, with this ease; users can transmit information and has presented challenges in the form of unauthorized disclosure of patient’s health information on social media sites. The purpose of this study is to see if the number of HIPAA violations increased due to the use of social media and what steps are healthcare companies taking to monitor HIPAA violations. I chose to use the survey research method to reach my participants. The population for my research is health information management professionals across the country employed at LifePoint Health. Web–based surveys with structured and unstructured questions, electronic databases, as well as Journal articles based on the subject of HIPPA violations on social media were used to access data. I used a statistical analysis to analyze the survey study data and interpretive analysis was used to identify patterns and relationships in the electronic databases and journal articles.