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A survey-based study of the impact of the EHR systems usability issues on the perceived efficiency of work among non-clinical users in the hospital settings was performed June 20th to July 24th 2015. There were 160 valid responses. The results were processed in SPSS (IBM statistical application) and I determined the usability dimensions with the greatest impact on efficiency, for all EHRs and for the major EHRs (Meditech, Epic and Cerner). Helpfulness was the most frequent problem for users of all EHRs.

The survey is experimental and cross-sectional. The format was 20 Likert-type questions, along with screening and demographic questions. Due to the nature of data collected (ordinal) the non-parametric analysis was performed in SPSS.

The goal of the study was to figure out the main usability issues among non-clinical users of the EHR systems and to generate actionable insights for designers and developers of EHR systems.