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The study of patient’s waiting time reduction have been receiving attention since the implementation of recent changes in the healthcare quality indicators. However, there is still many areas of improvement the healthcare industry could implement to improve waiting time and positively affect patient satisfaction. This is especially crucial for private healthcare organizations since it has a direct effect on their bottom-line.

In this study, we examine the patient waiting time between the registration stage and the vital sign stage at a private hospital in the Middle East country of United Arab Emirates.

By retrieving the data logs from the EHR system used at the hospital, we can identify the time difference between the logs of each stage. The data then is evaluated and analyzed to calculate the average waiting time at the facility. The process flow of patients is also evaluated to identify possible bottlenecks in the process and recommend changes to alleviate such issues. Then the data logs of the system are take again after the change has been implemented to evaluate the impact of the change on the process.