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Objective: To determine which job function causes or creates a large number of Catastrophic Edit/ Data Overwrites within VHA.

Methods: The study is based on data extracted from the Catastrophic Edits Monthly Reports reported by the HC IdM Team staff on the CEs that have occurred on the MPI. Catastrophic Edits (CEs) reported by the HC IdM team between November 2011 through December 2012 are examined.

Result: Out of the 2736 Potential Identity Changes, 115 actually resulted in a CE. The number of CEs created by each job title ranged from 1% by Employee Health Clerk to 28% by Eligibility Clerk. Out of the 115 CEs created, a total of 32 were created by the Eligibility Clerks. The next highest job title was the Enrollment/Registration Clerks with 21 CEs created.

Conclusion: Of the 4% of CEs reported, Eligibility Clerks created 28% of those CEs and Enrollment/Registration Clerks created 18% of CEs reported during this time period. The findings provide insight to the HC IdM staff as well as other managers for the users who need additional training or realignment in the workflow. Further work is required to expand and identify factors contributing to incidents causing CEs.