Document Type

Research Project

Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2018


Health information technology has improved key areas of healthcare such as academia, research, and practice. Technology is one of the key driving forces in healthcare that is set to enhance the overall provider-patient experience. The future of healthcare is aimed at improving patient satisfaction, quality of care, and practice methods. Laboratory information systems (LIS) is a fundamental component of the diagnostic or pathology department (Henricks, 2016). In the era, where laboratory reports have become complex and high-dimensional, the need to develop and implement a cost-effective platform or tool to collect, process, store, and manage such processes is required. A systematic review of literature was conducted, wherein relevant articles associated with laboratory information systems. The study was based on a qualitative design, wherein key concepts or themes from articles and reports were qualitatively identified. The advantages of laboratory information systems can be considered as a platform to enhance patient satisfaction, quality care, and patient safety.