Document Type

Research Project

Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2018


Technological advances have generated new resources that allow patients to be more involved in their healthcare. As different innovations find their way into the informatics sector of healthcare, patients experience some challenges as they try to adopt these innovations. One particular innovation in healthcare has been the use of patient portals to promote patient engagement, which will encourage patients to take on a more active role in their healthcare. This study focused in exploring the barriers in the access of MyChart portal at Baptist Memorial Care Corporation and, to some extent, how to handle this problem. An online survey questionnaire was sent to 22 randomly selected support agents and face-to-face interviews were scheduled with 5 of these participants. Data obtained from the 19 respondents who responded to the questions and the five interviewees revealed that the major barrier to patient portal access is the lack of computer or phone skills. At the same time, proxy access problems were identified as another challenge.