Document Type

Research Project

Publication Date

Summer 7-31-2018


LEP or Limited English Proficiency patients across the United States are at higher risk for decreased quality of care because of their inability to communicate effectively with healthcare providers. Interpreters are not offered in a consistent manner due to many variables such as cost, availability of qualified interpreters, the time spent with patients due to an increased work-overload and clinician lack of knowledge into technologies available to use. Healthcare information technology such as video and telephone interpretation can bridge the gap between patients and medical personnel when a language barrier is present. At the pre-admission clinic, the Nursing personnel interviews the patient and assesses the need for an interpreter. All patients scheduled for an appointment at the pre-admission clinic will undergo a scheduled surgery or procedure that will require General Anesthesia, Epidural blocks or the administration of Local Monitored Anesthesia Care. The purpose of this paper is to determine the practices of Nurses in these initial interactions, regarding communication, technology, and documentation in the Electronic Health Record through a qualitative survey.