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There is currently a significant shortage of trained neurologists in the country. In addition to the shortfall of neurologists, there is an increasing need for this specialty due to an aging population, increase in the incident of neurologic diseases and an increasing demand for healthcare (Freeman, 2013). The development of tele neurology technology has been shown to help address these problems. As with any new technology there are multiple barriers to overcome, one of those being user acceptance of the technology. A survey of users of the telemedicine product VGo was conducted at Hunt Regional Medical Center to access the end-user’s perceived usefulness and ease of use of this technology. The response rate to the survey was 50% and yielded much information about the user’s acceptance of the technology and revealed the difference in perceptions of those with and without experience using the technology. This information will be valuable to the emergency department staff to use in addressing the identified barriers to improve acceptance and use of the product, ultimately improving quality of patient care.