Master of Occupational Therapy Student Critically Appraised Topics

Faculty Advisor

Anita Witt Mitchell, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Community Practitioner

Jennifer Clone, OTR/L



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 5-27-2021


The final portfolio contains 8 research articles from national and international journals. Study designs include one systematic review, one randomized control trial with pretest-posttest design, three small-scale randomized control trials, one quasi-experimental study with no control, one time-series study, and one case study. All studies relate directly to components of the evidence-based practice question and will be used to draft new recommendations for implementation regarding spaced retrieval training for memory enhancement in adults with dementia. Seven out of the eight articles looked at the effects of SR techniques on functional tasks. Articles looked at eating difficulty (1), independent use of walkers (1), iADL function (3), use of technology (1), and ADL function (1). One out of eight articles looked at benefits of spaced retrieval techniques on episodic memory, which is not necessarily a functional task, but is needed to perform functional tasks.


The accompanying presentation for this poster can be viewed here: Space Retrieval Training for Memory Enhancement in Adults with Dementia



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