Master of Occupational Therapy Student Critically Appraised Topics

Faculty Advisor

Anita Witt Mitchell, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Community Practitioner

Holly Greer, MOT, OTR/L, CLS



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 5-27-2022


The purpose of our project is to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of a prehabilitation (prehab) program for patients undergoing breast cancer surgery as compared to only receiving post-surgical rehabilitation. Our clinical mentor has recently obtained certification as a lymphedema specialist and is assisting with the opening of an outpatient mastectomy clinic through the Methodist University systems. Through our research process, we critically appraised two Level II articles, two Level III articles, and one Level IV article. Positive outcomes related to the feasibility were identified, however there is limited significant evidence supporting the effectiveness of the intervention. We recommend using the intervention with caution and monitoring based on the preliminary nature of the current evidence. Further studies should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. (1595 kB)
CAT Project Portfolio



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