Master of Occupational Therapy Student Critically Appraised Topics

Faculty Advisor

Pamela Lewis-Kipkulei, PhD, OTD, OTR/L

Community Practitioner

Nikki Simmons OT/L, CDRS



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 6-1-2023


Students met with a community OT practitioner who specializes in driving rehabilitation. The community practitioner identified a potential gap in referrals for individuals with cognitive impairment and on-road driving assessments. Due to the scarcity of driving rehabilitation practitioners, it is important to provide effective evaluation and interview. By identifying clients who are past the potential for safe on-road driving performance due to their score on a status examination, practitioners can reach more clients in a more efficacious manner. There exists a need for a more accurate screening measure to predict on road driving performance in individuals with cognitive impairment. The current most popular cognitive status examination used by physicians and neurologists is the Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE). Therefore, our research question focuses on whether the MMSE can be used as a quality predictive measure for on-road performance in individuals with cognitive impairment. The databases were selected through the UTHSC library. These databases were associated with allied health, occupational therapy, mental health, and etc. Although research was mixed as to whether the MMSE was an accurate predictor of on-road driving performance, we conclude that the MMSE can be a valid quick screener for on-road driving performance. In order to provide best practice, it should not be used as a sole predictor of on-road driving abilities. Based upon conflicting research findings, we recommend using the MMSE with caution

Team 5 CAT Project Portfolio


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