Master of Occupational Therapy Student Critically Appraised Topics

Faculty Advisor

Pamela Lewis-Kipkulei, PhD, OTD, OTR/L

Community Practitioner

Kelsey Mace, MOT, OTR/L



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 6-17-2023


The poster examines standard and modified sternal precautions in pediatrics following a median sternotomy and the impact on developmental outcomes. The question our poster aims to answer includes, do modified sternal precautions improve developmental outcomes in children who underwent (median) sternotomy in a hospital setting compared to those with traditional sternal precautions? Through searching databases, the authors were able to gather articles providing evidence and information regarding modified vs. standard sternal precautions. Through the research, the authors concluded that there is further research needed on this topic in pediatric populations with the recommendation to proceed using caution due to no adverse effects mentioned.

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CAT Project Portfolio



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