Master of Occupational Therapy Student Critically Appraised Topics

Faculty Advisor

Anita Witt Mitchell, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Community Practitioner

Sandy Fletchall, OTR/L, CHT, MPA, FAOTA


Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 5-2020


The purpose of our critically appraised topic is to provide a brief summary of assessments that may be relevant to the burn unit or ICU setting, including their validity, reliability, specificity, sensitivity, and limitations. We had a total of eight articles with the following study designs: Systematic Review (2 articles), Longitudinal Study (1 article), Comparative Analysis (1 article), Correlational Analysis (2 articles) and Methodological (2 articles). These articles looked at the reliability, validity, specificity, and sensitivity of the following assessments: Abbreviated Burn Specific Anxiety Scale (A-BSPAS), Beck Depression Inventory-II, Brief Coping Orientation to Problems Experience (B-COPE), Concise Mental Health Checklist (CMHC-9), Confusion Assessment Method for Intensive Care Units (CAM-ICU), Startle, Physiological arousal, Anger, and Numbness (SPAN), Trauma Screening Questionnaire (TSQ), The Confusion Assessment Method (CAM), and Wound-Quality of Life. We found the following assessments applicable for the burn unit or ICU: CAM, B-COPE, CAM-ICU Flowsheet. Our clinical recommendations are for these assessments to be used to perform a screening of the client's mental state, which will help the Occupational therapist develop and plan interventions.


The accompanying presentation for this poster can be viewed here:

Mental Health Assessments in ICU and Acute Care



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