Faculty Advisor

Vicki Chandler, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

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Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2022


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Purpose/Background Early detection of breast cancer through routine mammography screenings has increased the 5-year survival rate to 99% for women with cancer in the localized stage (American Cancer Society, 2021). However, this survival rate is lessened amongst women in the rural population (Leung et al., 2014). This scoping review investigates health disparities to identify interventions that improve mammography rates for women residing in rural areas.

Methods A scoping review was performed using an exclusive search for peer-reviewed mammography and rural health sources. Search phrases included were, ('Mammogram screening in rural areas'), ('Health care disparities in rural areas'), ('Secondary prevention in rural versus urban communities'), ('Healthcare in rural versus urban communities'), (Benefits of early detection of breast cancer'), (rural communities' effect on breast cancer screening'), ('compliance to mammogram screening in rural areas').

Results Results were synthesized using a Level of Evidence Synthesis Table and Outcomes Synthesis Table. The scoping review demonstrated improvement in mammogram rates in rural populations by implementing referral programs, EMR reminders for providers, and community outreach programs.

Implications for Nursing Practice This scoping review unveils rural health disparities and demonstrates effective interventions to improve mammogram participation amongst women in the rural population.