Submission Guidelines for Doctor of Nursing Practice Projects

Congratulations on completion of your DNP EBP Project! UTHSC Digital Commons is pleased to include your project here in the campus repository. To submit your project, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Digital Commons Manager.

How to Submit a Paper

Go to: Submit Research. Once you’ve logged in with your UTHSC Netid, you'll need to read and agree to the terms on the Submission Agreement by checking the box. Next, enter the requested information on the form.

1. Title: enter the title of your project using Headline Style Capitalization e.g., “The Scholarly Communication Crisis”You’ll be prompted to log in with your UTHSC Netid.

2. Author Information: Click the edit button (the small icon with the pencil) on the right side of the Author Information box and enter each author’s full name (use the green “+” to add additional rows for author names) and “University of Tennessee Health Science Center” in the Institution field (not “UTHSC”). You do not need to enter each author’s email address. Remember to also list your Faculty Advisor as an author.

3. If you have an ORCiD, enter it here. If you don’t have an ORCiD, leave this field blank. You can learn more about ORCiD and how it can benefit you as a researcher here:

4. Faculty Advisor: enter the full name of your Faculty Advisor followed by their credentials. Don’t use punctuation in the credentials (enter “Bob Smith, MD” NOT “Bob Smith, M.D.”)

5. Subject Matter Expert: If there was a subject matter expert for your team beyond your Faculty Advisor, enter their name and credentials here.

6. Clinical Site: If you have permission to state the name of the clinical site where your project was done, please enter the name of the institution here.

7. Document Type: Select the appropriate document type from the dropdown menu.

8. Publication Date: this will be the date you are submitting your project.

9. Keywords: Enter up to six keywords that describe your project, separated by commas.

10. Abstract: Copy and paste the abstract of your project into the text box.

11. Upload File: Check the box for “Upload file from your computer” and attach the PDF of your project file here. Your project file must be in PDF format. If you need assistance converting your file to PDF, contact the Digital Commons Manager. If you have additional files to upload with your project, check the box for “Additional Files”. Additional files do not have to be in PDF format- they can be spreadsheets, word processor documents, plain text, images, etc.

11. Click the Submit button, and you’re finished! You’ll receive an email confirmation that your project has been entered. Next, a DOI will be assigned and registered for your project, and your project will be available online within 24-48 hours. You’ll receive a notification when your DOI is ready and your project can be viewed online in the repository.

If you need to edit or correct your entry, contact the Digital Commons Manager.