Faculty Advisor

Sally Humphrey, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC

Clinical Site

ULPS Developmental Pediatrics

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Investigative Techniques | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing



Increased social determinants of health (SDoH) are associated with poorer health outcomes and decreased treatment compliance. Addressing SDoH can be associated with increased treatment compliance, although currently there is no standard for completing SDoH screening. The WE CARE screening tool is a validated screen that asks about 6 SDoH and whether the family is interested in assistance if the screen is positive. The purpose of this project was to implement the use of the WE CARE screening tool for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at follow-up visits.


From October 17, 2022 through November 22, 2022, charts were reviewed for patients scheduled with the participating nurse practitioner and physicians who met inclusion criteria. The WE CARE screening tool was administered and reviewed by the provider, then a referral to social work could be initiated if needed.


Following chart review, 23 patients met eligibility criteria, and of these 12 (52%) completed a WE CARE form. Needs were identified on 2 of the completed forms (17 %), and no referrals were made to social work.

Implications for Nursing Practice

During the implementation period of this quality improvement project, only about half of eligible families had a screening form completed, either because the parent refused or because the physician or nurse practitioner forgot to give the form to the family. Based on the results of this initial implementation phase, more information is needed from the participating healthcare providers about whether they did not feel comfortable using the screen, thought the screen was helpful, or if there were other factors impacting the rate of form completion. It may also be helpful to try to use this screening tool with new patients first instead of follow-ups. The results of the current project do not yet support a change in practice by implementing this tool.